A workout studio is more than just a combination of exercise regimens and bodies inmotion. It’s an electrifying space where passion meets purpose.

Studios and gyms have been the same for years; members show up, workout, go home,and then hope for results. It’s time to take it beyond that. It’s time to offer members morewhile also increasing your returns. It’s time to connect with members on a whole newlevel and enhance their entire workout experience.

With modern technology, such a system is not only possible but ready at your fingertips.Train Your Pulse was developed to answer this calling. It primarily functions as a flexibleand reliable Customer Relationship Management tool but does so much more. Byoffering studios a centralized system that they can manage from anywhere, they getreal-time access to crucial updates and can implement necessary changes on the go. It also functions as an easy to use portal that provides:

  • Tailored marketing tools via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Booking system for online reservations
  • Seamless client management
  • Organized invoicing
  • And secure cloud storage

Train Your Pulse is unlike any other application out there. It’s a streamlined software thatreduces effort, increases efficiency, and delivers a complete ecosystem. It’s a network oftools that’s essential to a studio’s growth. It’s the conduit that merges the passion ofmembers with the purpose of studios.

Fueled by our motto “Encourage Healthy Living and Active Lifestyle”, we're here toheighten the gym experience. We’re here to evolve your business.

Vision Statement: We aim to amplify the bond between studios and their clients.

Mission Statement: We help studios realize their full potential and cultivate conditionsfor phenomenal experiences.